Feb 252013

Our Planet:

We are proud to say that the farmers pick up Cafe Fina nearly all of its kitchen waste for compost. From carrot tops, to chicken bones, to wax-coated boxes that can’t be recycled, it all goes in our big composting bin out back.

Our Suppliers:

Talus Wind Ranch – delivers the highest quality natural meats. They strive to maintain the highest health and humane standards in raising and preparing animals for market.

Niman Ranch All-Natural Meats – The quality of Niman Ranch beef, raised traditionally, humanely and sustainably with no hormones or antibiotics on family-owned ranches.

Van Rixel Bros. Gelato from Albuquerque – we are serving 6 delicious flavors such as Chocolate, Espresso, Stracciatella, Salted Caramel, Coconut and Strawberry-Lime.

Special Occasions/Celebrations:

We are currently closed for dinner, this allows for the unique opportunity to host fundraiser events and special celebrations. Please contact us for more information.

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